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A letter from our AGENCY can help you get what you deserve, quickly, inexpensively and without  going to court !

We are professional consumer ADVOCATES. We are NOT lawyers and we do not provide legal advise but we can, within the confines of the law, advocate on your behalf  to help you win and  or succeed without  going to court or hiring an expensive lawyer.  HOW WE DO IT!  Almost every Legal  or Consumer issue is commenced by a specially purposed written letter known as an ACTION or DEMAND letter. These letters are  used to describe the facts of the case and for requesting and or demanding  some sort of  action or settlement in a given period of time or the matter will be taken to another level. Most people don't want to go to court or deal with agency's such as ours,  that's why an incredible  amount of  issues are settled through the use of these Action or Demand letters That's where the Consumer Resolution Agency org. Action/Demand Letter services come in.

Our Agency will assist you by crafting a professional customized letter written on  your behalf and printed on our Consumer Resolution Agency org. letter head and sent by Certified Mail return receipt requested to the individual, parties, company  or government agency that you are at issue with.. A letter from us can help resolve  health and  other insurance issues,  financial and consumer needs, simple legal and money issues and other pressing concerns - many of the things that you might go to a lawyer for if only you had the money.                                                                                         
      Now there is a viable cost effective alternative for only a $79.99 flat fee                                                                                                                       What our Action or Demand Letter service can do for you! 
  • Challenge a decision or rule
  • Cancel an item or a service
  • Get a refund 
  • Get a repair or exchange
    Get compensation or collect money
  • Make a claim
  • Make a complaint
  • Prevent an issue
  • Replace an item
  • Report an issue                         
    AND SAVE YOU FROM Hiring a Lawyer or GOING TO COURT:

We will provide assistance clearly expressing your claims and the factual basis of the matter to the proper person, company or authority in the form of a letter known in the legal community as an ACTION LETTER or sometimes depending on the circumstances a DEMAND LETTER,  demanding what you want and deserve or you will take your case to the appropriate authorities or court which most individuals and companies want to avoid. It's at this juncture that many if not most parties will settle as the publicity of being the defendant in a lawsuit and having to testify, and having his/her common practices condemned by some jury and/or the court of common opinion. Also the legal system is known to be slow, costly and sometimes ineffective. Sometimes it's just easier to try and settle a case in a few weeks instead of battling it out in court for years.    
AVOID COURT, We can help you! 
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                                                          LEGAL DISCLAIMER is an advocacy agency along with,, employees of IRA Network, IRA Network LLC or its Associates and Affiliates do not provide legal advice and are not not for profit organizations. We are neither severally or individually  lawyers or a law firm/s, and our services, recommendations or suggestions should not be used as a substitute for competent legal advice.  The accuracy of our website/s, information resources and any due diligence we perform or letters we create on your behalf  are at your direction are not warranted or guaranteed to meet a particular need or purpose or necessarily have a positive action or outcome.  Our advocacy services are not intended to substitute for professional legal advice, to contradict legal advice given, or for legal services of any kind .                                                                        

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